• Are You and Your Salespeople Selling or Doing Loads of Stuff?

    “Stuff is everything other than focusing on the key sales priorities that actually close new business

    “Stuff” could involve:

    • Calling existing clients who don’t really want to buy any more services from you
    • Writing endless emails and perfecting sales proposals that hardly ever lead to closed business
    • Going to sales meetings only to find the prospect is looking for “free consulting” and is a time waster
    • Attending networking events and speaking to people who aren’t really able to buy
    • Doing admin

    A-Player successful salespeople realise that Effective Time Management is the key to all sales success.

    The weekly activities for A-Player salespeople in order of priority are:

    1. Prospecting
    2. Selling
    3. Account Management
    4. Admin
    5. Stuff

    The weekly activities for Average performing salespeople in order of priority are:

    1. Stuff
    2. Admin
    3. Account Management
    4. Selling
    5. Prospecting

    In order to get your salespeople to become A-Players in 2012 you might need a systematic no-nonsense approach to selling and business development that breaks a lot of the traditional rules of selling and gets great sales results.

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