• Make The Leap

    29th February.  Four years to wait until the next one.  How will you make it count?

    At Sandler Training we are asking you to join us; to join us in making the leap on 29th Februaury 2012.  Do something different to make it stand out, make it spectacular, make it your own!

    We are encouraging all business owners, directors and professional sales people to move outside their comfort zones on 29th February .  It can be personal or professional.  So far, we have people promising to hold a brand new workshop to some one starting  to write their novel.

    Not sure how to make the leap?  Follow our 4 simple steps and help our campaign!

    1 What have you always wanted to do, but have been putting off?

    2 Now you have the vision in mind, break the elephant buy adderall cash on delivery down.  What is one sizeable chunk that you could complete on 29th February?

    3 Tell us what your plans are and how we can help.

    4 Spread the love to 2 other people and get them involved with making the leap?

    So what’s stopping you?  Make the leap for 2012!


    Anneli Thomson

    Anneli Thomson

    Anneli is an expert in sales culture and talent management. She is a keen champagne drinker and triathlon enthusiast. The UK Franchisee of the Year 2014.

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  • If only I had more leads!

    Opinion or fact? Do you agree with the statement “More leads is NOT the answer to growing my business?”

    I read an interesting statement from an unlikely source this week. “Leads are not the answer to growing your business, knowing how to talk to people is”

    Since this seems to sum up nicely the traditional tension between “sales” and “marketing”, I thought I’d ask to see where the local business community stands on this.

    Why might he be right? Or wrong? -The unlikely source by the way, is US “MLM guru”, Mark Januszewski.

    This conundrum reminds me of the old adage ” Sales is a numbers game!” 

    That, in turn, begs the question- “If sales is a numbers game, what’s the game and what are the numbers?!”

    If we knew the answer to that, then we’d be able to know for sure whether more leads, or knowing how to talk to people is right for us, in our business.

    What I do know for sure is universally true (though feel free to argue!), is that more leads AND knowing how to talk to people will grow anyone’s business! Just as NO leads and not knowing how to talk to people will not grow the business!

    I also know that there is a very high correlation between knowing how to talk to people, and the number of leads we get!

    However, it’s easier for me to say “I need more leads/ referrals/prospects” than ” I need to be better at talking with people”!

    Is it just me, or is it easier to spend money and time on marketing, advertising, website, LinkedIn, Search engine optimization, PR, networking, referral meetings, and other lead generation activities (all good stuff, I hasten to add) than it is on purposefully developing my interpersonal skills ? Is it because we get to a certain age and don’t want to change, or don’t really believe we can change, or deep down we really want to externalize the problem and want the answer to be “more leads!” ie Not my fault!-it’s my website, email, marketing etc.
    Or, are we just happy to continue to compensate for our less-than-optimal interpersonal skills by having a high rate of activity and working long hours?

    Any of this make any sense to anyone else?

    I suspect, or maybe hope(!), that it’s not just me…but part of the human condition.  Your (supportive) comments, suggestions and questions are welcome!


    Written by Nigel Dunand   http://www.heartofengland.sandler.com/

    Blog Editor

    Blog Editor

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