(No) Queues Ahead

Who likes queuing? No, me neither. I think it shows. I think the guy sitting next to me can tell, now I’m finally onboard the flight – after queuing through customs, queuing to buy a bottle of Evian, standing in line to buy some Duty-Free.

Still, I’m here now – and all that waiting did give me plenty of time to think.

Like, how come when we’re standing with a basket of shopping, waiting to buy, we get shepherded into those little queuing-pens, and obediently wait to be called?

And then – when it’s our turn cheap lasik surgery to do the selling – every sales training course shows you the same stuff, the same techniques, so you end up stood in another orderly queue, behind every other seller.

That’s the thing about training courses. They’re great for Compliance. You learn a bunch of things, leave with a thick ring-binder manual, and you get on with the compliance. Fine for Health & Safety. Fine for Employment Law. For maintaining standards.

When we’re growing our business, though, we’re not trying to maintain the status quo. We’re not in Compliance-mode. Queuing obediently. We’re in Freedom-mode. Free to adapt to the uncertainties of the terrain. You’re not going to buy a roadmap, because you’re not going by road.

At Sandler, we don’t sell roadmaps. We guide. We support business leaders with our knowledge and experience.

Because, if you’re ambitious, if you’re serious about growing the business, then you know the journey is going to adventurous. So we work alongside you, proving the route we’re both taking, showing you the steps and the handholds.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on throwing away the roadmap – or even just the best idea you had while standing in a queue.

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Blog Editor

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