More sales, but no more effort? What is the secret?

When you last used psychometric assessments with your commercial team, what was the result?

In particular, what did you find in terms of each individual’s “ambition and drive” or similar label? Ambition & Drive is a very strong lever (or brake!) on sales success. It therefore warrants working on. Indeed focusing on Ambition & Drive can have amazing results both at the individual and organisation level.

So, what can you do? Is it something you are born with? Or can it be improved?  The good news is that it can be improved.  As Sandler trainers we have numerous examples to prove this. Indeed, a business contact of mine took on a franchise and their score was worryingly low. Six months later it was high! He had not done much more than be aware of it. And also to take some time to dream.

As seasoned adults we often have lost the habit of dreaming. We have set too many failed targets, set too many wishy washy “if only” style goals, got beaten down by experience, other people and fear.

Let me give you a challenge.  Ask yourself “What do I want?” Make a list. No, much longer than that. Take a risk.  Write down 100 things you want.  It might take you a few days, you might find yourself questioning yourself but go for it.

But it is wrong to want, right? Arrogant to expect the best for ourselves? Where does humility fit in? However, if you are going to become the best version of “You” you can be and were meant to be, you have to allow yourself to Dream it. Create it inside first, and then you can start getting a little bit closer, then a little closer still.

Now you are dreaming you can start on your 21 written goals. No joke, 21. Seven areas of Life (business is just one of them) over 3 time periods; Dream, 5 years, 1 year. Notice the order; the Dream fuels this year’s goals which cement the Dream in real practical activity, right now!

With inspiring Goals (not imposed demotivating Targets) what has happened to “ambition and drive?” Gone up? And that means? More sales!

If you want help with assessing yourself or your team or with practical steps to more sales with no more effort or cost, would it make sense to contact a local Sandler trainer?

Paul Glynn

Paul Glynn

Paul’s experience spans over twenty years of selling, sales management and training. He has worked in the financial services sector including accountancy and has been responsible for the commercial success of sales departments at director level in advertising. His clients report up to 300% increase in turnover by working with him. He is dedicated to helping businesses grow through assessments, training, coaching and mentoring. Tel: 01784 390623 Mobile: 07866 518848

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