Business people: time for your mid-year reality check

We live in a complex world and I typically find myself moving at the speed of light through my day. As a business owner as well as the main ‘salesperson’ I must maintain a clear focus on two key areas: the delicate balance between running the business and hitting my sales targets.  In order to be successful I must put time into finding new clients as well as looking after existing clients and running my growing company.


Many business people in this same situation get so involved in running the business and looking after existing clients that the time and focus on winning new clients ends up suffering.  This can have serious consequences.

At the midpoint of 2012, it’s time to review the successes and failures of the first half of the year so we can perform better in the second half.

Here are some performance indicators you should measure and the statistics that go with each:

  • Lead generation: how effective were you at generating leads?  Are you generating enough?  What will you do in the second half of the year to generate online pharmacy no prescription uk more of them? Ask for three referrals per week, make a minimum of 25 cold calls per week, write five letters per week, and phone at least one person you met at a networking event.
  • ‘First ins’: how many first face-to-face meetings did you have with leads? You should have between three and six first meetings per week.
  • New business: how much time did you spend prospecting for new business? You should spend between 30-60% of your time on your calendar looking for new sources of business.
  • Expanded business: how much time did you spend expanding the product and service offerings to existing customers? You should spend 20-40% of the available time on your calendar penetrating your existing customers.
  • Behaviours: have you taken the time to define the sales activities that guarantee your success?

‘Non-winners’ will be finding new excuses for business to decline. For others, the remainder of the year will be spent finding new ways to improve sales.   ‘Winners’ understand that there is plenty of time left in 2012 to accomplish their goals.

Andy McCreadie

Andy McCreadie

Andy McCreadie is a critically-acclaimed coach and facilitator who excels at identifying core sales and management challenges and implementing transformative growth strategies. Before setting up Sandler Training in 2007 in the South West, Andy spent six years as a strategy consultant for Accenture, selling and delivering high profile consulting projects to blue chip companies. He then worked in direct sales – in London and Sydney, managing business development teams across a wide range of industry sectors.

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