• Pursuit of a Passion

    I’ve always been into sports and was lucky to attend a school where rugby was a religion and athletics, cross country and judo were other passions. I continued these whilst at Nottingham University and during my studies in France. I then spent 10 years in the corporate world where my focus on my health was reduced to take- away meals and an underused gym membership.

    A lucky break then took my career to Australia where I discovered my greatest passion to date – surfing. Intertwined with my job as a Sales and Marketing Director, I spent two years travelling the East and South Coasts of Oz buy hydrocodone jacksonville fl surfing classic ‘right hand point breaks.’ I felt like I was 15 years old again; waking before dawn to surf before work.

    On returning to the UK, I set up Sandler Training in the South West. I was working a 15 hour day trying to get my new business off to a fast start when I realised I had lost my work/life balance and it was affecting my performance. Many business owners and professionals sacrifice health and often family life too, in pursuit of their business goals. They spend their life trying to gain wealth and then spend their wealth trying to gain back their health. Whilst for some this may be possible, lost time with family can never be regained.

    I have spent the last five years trying to get the balance right, while successfully growing my business. Richard Branson once said “Enjoyment at works starts and ends in the same place as everything else; in good health.” Be clear on your business goals but also on your health and family goals. Then develop the personal effectiveness to achieve them all.

    Go conquer your worlds!

    Andy McCreadie

    Andy McCreadie

    Andy McCreadie is a critically-acclaimed coach and facilitator who excels at identifying core sales and management challenges and implementing transformative growth strategies. Before setting up Sandler Training in 2007 in the South West, Andy spent six years as a strategy consultant for Accenture, selling and delivering high profile consulting projects to blue chip companies. He then worked in direct sales – in London and Sydney, managing business development teams across a wide range of industry sectors.

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